Happy Leap Day from Netter Real Estate! Celebrate With These 29 Ideas…

Who can't use an extra 24 hours? Make the most of this gift of time we get once every four years!


Netter Real Estate LOVES Leap Year!  We have one extra day to do what we do best; helping people with all their real estate needs whether buying, selling or renting.  We hope that you spend some of your extra day with us.  We also have 29 fun, family friendly ideas to do with the rest of your extra day (thank you TLC).  Have fun and make the most of this rare extra day!

With the Whole Family

1. Start the morning off right by serving dinner for breakfast. Pizza is always a fan favorite!

2. Put the kibosh on chores for the day. The dust bunnies will be waiting for you tomorrow.

3. Give each other silly nicknames and use them all day.

4. Put together the double-elimination Leap Year Video Game Olympics (and plan for a grudge match in four years).

5. Get outside and play a real game of Leap Frog. Do you remember how?

6. Check online birth announcements; give a little “leap” if any of the newborns share your name.

7. Tell your children about the most daring thing you did when you were young, or about a time you were naughty. They love hearing about those, don’t they?

With the Younger Kids

8. Let little ones help you bake cupcakes and decorate them with as much icing as they want. (Remember: They could be too cool for this in four years.)

9. Put your clothes on inside out. See who can wear them that way all day and award a little prize to the winner

10. Let kids trade beds or bedrooms with their brother or sister.

11. See who can brush their teeth and comb their hair with the opposite hand — and still look good.

12. Plant some perennials in the yard. Photograph them so you can compare the “before” to an “after” in four years.

13. Use finger paint to make handprints with your children; then frame and hang them to mark this moment in time.

14. Sing or say the alphabet backwards. See who can get the furthest without looking at a list or saying “Um”.

15. Let kids wear mismatched socks to daycare or play date.


With the Older Kids

16. Put a time capsule together and bury it in the backyard; mark the spot and wait until next Leap Year to open it.

17. Have your kids give their teacher or principal a handwritten thank-you note.

18. Call (don’t email or text) a far-off family member and ask about their day. Let them know how much they’ve been missed.

19. Encourage your kids make anything they want for the family dinner — and compliment and enjoy what they serve.

20. Set an egg timer and let them watch (a little) TV before doing homework

Just for Yourself

21. Schedule a manicure and pedicure and leave your phone at home or in the car.

22. Write yourself a note with goals to be achieved by the next February 29.

23. Buy $10 gift cards to a few of your favorite stores, and then send your kids shopping for you.

24. Go to see one of the Oscar-nominated movies by yourself. Treat yourself to a small popcorn. (It may not the healthiest but hey, once every four years, remember?)

25. Make a list of all the reasons you love your partner and kids and then share the list over dinner.

26. If cooking is your thing, make a new dish. If it’s not, make reservations somewhere.

27. Go to the cosmetics counter and spruce up your make-up routine. Splurge on an item you wouldn’t normally buy.

28. Get dressed up and meet a friend for lunch at the hot new spot. Order something outside your comfort zone.

29. Take a nap in the middle of the day. And don’t feel guilty!


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